We wanted to make sure that our products are the very best in every respect.

Fields of Lavender, Jasmin, Rose, Mimosa, Tuberose and Violet; The warm Provence Sun are the natural ingredients for an remarkable high quality product.

Of course our products are never tested on animals !

Which means; NOT tested on animals !

Other big companys also do not test on animals BUT sell their products to China.

China Gouverment requiers that all cosmetic products sold in China are tested before on animals.

So if a company sell in China the company support their products animal tests.

We do NOT sell or export to China !

So if you do not want to support animal tests check the company you use if they sell their products in China

We place great value on the authenticity, we use natural ingredients for example from the Olive ( Olive leaves/ Olive fruit and olive oil) and renounce synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives or mineral oils.

Our authentic real natural products are normally only to find in small French or Italian manufactures.

It´s easy to fnd a olive bodycare product with synthetic olive fragrances added with perfume which let you think this is the smell of olive. Big companys started with this synthetic fragrances - But those are FAKE -

Our smell and aroma is the AUTHENTIC smell of OLIVE and other gifts from Mother Nature.


Grasse a small town in Provence is known as “the world capital of perfume”

The foremost city for perfume in the world, all of the most recognised French fragrances are created here, the best known of these being Chanel N. 5 in 1921.

The town lies in the hills above Cannes and offers a fresher climate than the balmy coastal towns.

Blessed with a mild winter climate and a perfect setting on the southern slopes of Montagne de Doublier, Grasse has attracted visitors for centuries. In the early 19th century Pauline Borghese, Napoleon's favorite sister, spent a winter there. Queen Victoria was so taken by Grasse, its climate and surroundings, that she returned several times to winter at the Rothschild's villa.

Napoléon himself passed through Grasse on 2 March 1815, but didn't have time for vacationing.

The town has an extensive history and was awarded Ville d'Art et d'Histoire, (Town of Art and History). The influence of perfume is ever present throughout the town with there perfume manufactory, The number of visitors each year to Grasse is in excess of 2 million and they come from far and wide.

Grasse is a town of rich heritage which you can enjoy at the International Perfume Museum.

Going back in time to the Middle Ages, the town of Grasse specialised in leather tanning and the production of quality hides from nearby Italy. 



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