The ingredients from our PESTO alla Genovese :

-Basil DOP from Genova Italy only

-Parmesan Cheese

-Pine nuts

-Garlic or without

-Salt and of course our Olive Oil extra vergine

That's all a good Pesto should contain. The flavor from the Basil from this area Genova in Italy makes the product and where it`s tradition came from.

The most Pesto`s you can buy in the supermarket will cheat you with low cost junk. Instead of olive oil they use cheap sunflower oil, instead of pine nuts they use more cheap cashew nuts and you will not find parmesan cheese, they use instead wheat semolina or potato flakes.

Furthermore often you can find sugar and flavorings inside this terrible products. 

And of course they do not use the expensive basil from Genova in Italy - The most use low cost basil from China.

The taste of this products is the same like the ingredients - not more than terrible.


We DO NOT support this low cost mentality with our food - All of our products have high quality authentic ingredients and you will taste the DIFFERENT. ​

If you once taste our PESTO you will never be able to eat again the most other Pestos from the supermarket.

Pesto Genovese D.O.P.